Client List

Below you can see just some of our previous school, college, university, government department and business clients.

  • St peters primary school (Bradford)
  • Brentwood school (2 rooms)
  • St Michaels (Sandhurst)
  • St Marys (Lewisham)
  • Magdalen college school
  • Headington girl’s school
  • Kings (Warwick)
  • John Lyon School (Harrow)
  • Guilford high school (4 rooms)
  • Turnfur long (Aylesbury)
  • Aylesbury high school ( 2 Rooms) (1 Music room)
  • St Saviours (Lewisham)
  • Balarras School (Cheltenham)
  • Haringay sixth form
  • Hagley School
  • Elliot black (Lewisham) (2 room)
  • Cranbourne primary school
  • Great baddon
  • Houndsdown School (Southampton) (2 room)
  • Bishop Ramsey
  • Barnet College (2 room)
  • Prince henrys high school (4 room)
  • Joskos (Havering)
  • Dulwich College (2 room)
  • Penwortham girl’s high school
  • Downderry primary school (Lewisham) (2 room)
  • The Whitgift College
  • Brighton College (3 room)
  • The coiningsby
  • Hallcross School
  • Hinchly wood (2 room)
  • Gorden brook
  • Sacared heart school
  • Burnham high school
  • Kings School (Chester music desks)
  • Broxtowe
  • Hanbury Day Nursery
  • Verulam School
  • St Ignatius College
  • Bonus Pastor
  • Friars Primary School
  • All Saints (Blackheath)
  • West Bridgeford
  • Bristol Ridings School
  • St Wilfreds (Newcastle)
  • Huntercliffe (Lincolnshire)
  • Roundhill Community College
  • St Hughes (Grantham)
  • Aelfgar Sixth Form
  • Perrymount Primary School (Lewisham)
  • Cornwall College (2 rooms)
  • Lea Valley
  • Worchester University (2 rooms)
  • Bryton School
  • The Heathand School
  • St Michael Primary (Lewisham)
  • St Ives High School (music desks)
  • Great Baddow High School
  • Audenshaw (Manchester)
  • Foster Park (Lewisham)
  • Whiteburn C of E (Sunderland)
  • Hardwicke School
  • East Park (Glasgow)
  • St Georges College (Lincolnshire)
  • Dartford Grammar School (5 rooms)
  • Carre’s Grammar School
  • The Commonweal School (Swindon)
  • Wentworth High School (Manchester i-mac music desks)
  • Balcarras
  • Sir John Leman High School
  • Denbigh School
  • Rodborough tech college
  • Beauchamp college (2 room)
  • Wilmimgton college (kent) (2 room)
  • St johns (northwood)
  • Bilton high school (Warwickshire)
  • Regina primary school (Croydon)
  • Oathall college (west sussex)
  • West buckland (Barnstable)
  • Bilston high school (Warwickshire)
  • Regina coeli primary (south Croydon)
  • St johns school (Middlesex)
  • St peters school (Guildford)
  • Waddon infant school (Croydon)
  • Harrogate grammer school
  • Christchurch (perryvale London)
  • Halliford school (Middlesex)
  • Aerodrome school (Croydon)
  • Papplewick school (ascot)
  • Holy trinity primary (west Bromwich)
  • Combe pafford
  • Royal agricultural college (Gloucester)
  • St johns(northwood)
  • The hub (stepney green)
  • Callydown (Croydon)
  • Brighton college primary school
  • Brighton college (2 more classrooms)
  • Discovery primary school (Greenwich)
  • Dyfed police head quarters (Carmarthen)
  • John garland school (reading)
  • Walsall college (laptop desks)
  • Queen Elizabeth 11school (London)
  • John leaman school (Norfolk)
  • Discovery primary school
  • Brighton college prep school
  • John garland school
  • Warsall college
  • John Cleveland college
  • Queen Elizabeth 11 School
  • John Leman School
  • Babington House School
  • Stanmore College
  • Eastbourne College
  • Central Sussex College
  • Cranleigh Prep 2 Classrooms
  • Halliford School 3 Classrooms
  • St Albans School
  • MPW Sixth Form College 4 Classrooms
  • Grantham College
  • Manor House School
  • Taunton College
  • Slough Grammar
  • Rhodos Farm
  • Tidemill School
  • Norton Hall
  • St Mary’s, Croydon
  • Gayton High School
  • Kings High
  • Francis Bailey
  • Dartford Grammar
  • Central School (London)
  • Alleyns School (Dulwich)
  • Merchant Taylors School
  • Portsmouth Grammar
  • Stowe School 2 Classrooms
  • Malvern College
  • Whitehaven College
  • Haven High
  • Bosworth Academy 3 Classrooms
  • Canford School
  • Queen’s Gate School (London)
  • Shrewsbury School

Expect more from your furniture; expect custom made, high quality, robust and innovative computer desks that add to your room and make working and learning simpler and less cluttered. Expect Folio Desks.

Contact us today for a visit and demonstration of the innovative and cost effective Compu-Desk system.

The Compu-Desk3

The ultimate dual purpose fold away computer desk.

No need for computer rooms; store the PC inside the desk.

Silent operation through a simple air system.

Available in any style, wood, shape or size.

Adjustable height model for wheelchair users or standing use.

Every desk made to measure by expert joiners in our own workshops.

Fits all standard screens and PCs.

Securely locks to protect the tower unit, monitor and keyboard.

Simple push button operation.

Hides away the wires for a clean and trip free environment.

Desks for all in one PC's

Desks for i-Mac

3 Year Guarantee

With a long history in custom joinery of all kinds, we pride ourselves not just on our innovations, but also on a build quality that is very much at the highest end of the market.

From design to build and installation, we take care of everything for you and all of our office furniture and Compu-Desks come with a 3 year guarantee.

Working throughout the UK

Working throughout the UK, our specialist team of joiners create educational and office environment furniture that is exceptional in every way; from our unique fold-away Compu-Desks to bespoke designed and crafted bookshelves that can turn any wasted space into an attractive one.

Contact us today

If you are looking to save space in your office, school or training centre and require ICT desks for your staff or pupils, look no further than a Compu-Desk from the joinery experts here at Folio.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free survey, demonstration and quotation.

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