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With the ability to turn from an ordinary office desk into a fully operational PC workstation within seconds, our Compu-Desks are the ideal choice for busy offices across the UK.

Office Desks

More cost effective, durable and reliable than many other computer desks on the market, our Compu-Desks provide a dual purpose office desk that looks great and saves you money.

By having Compu-Desks installed in your offices, you are also maximising potential space and ensuring a greater level of productivity from your employees. Neater workspaces and less clutter will allow your office staff to get on with their work more effectively.

Our office desks provide an additional level of security too. Once inside the desk, your PC monitor, keyboard and tower unit will be securely locked away, making it very difficult for potential thieves to steal them. The lack of any visible computer systems will also prove to be a visual deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals looking for easy opportunities for theft.

Having worked in the joinery industry for over 40 years, our specialist joiners can design and build bespoke Compu-Desks and innovative office desks to suit any requirement. So if you have an unusually sized office or have specific size requirements for your new computer desks, rely on the experts here at Folio Desks to provide you with exactly what you need.

The Compu-Desk3

The ultimate dual purpose fold away computer desk.

No need for computer rooms; store the PC inside the desk.

Silent operation through a simple air system.

Available in any style, wood, shape or size.

Adjustable height model for wheelchair users or standing use.

Every desk made to measure by expert joiners in our own workshops.

Fits all standard screens and PCs.

Securely locks to protect the tower unit, monitor and keyboard.

Simple push button operation.

Hides away the wires for a clean and trip free environment.

Desks for all in one PC's

Desks for i-Mac

Our Clients

We provide our innovative Compu-Desks to commercial clients from across the UK. Our computer desks have been installed in offices for the Continuity Group, West London Security, Projected Consulting and Bank of Tokyo. For our full client list, please see our Client List page.

Working across the UK

Based in Oxford, we provide commercial and residential clients from across the UK with the very best in computer desks and office furniture; all designed and built to your exact specifications. During our many years in the industry, we have provided furniture for schools, colleges, universities, financial institutions, libraries, offices, training centres and the Ministry of Defence.

Contact us today

So if you are looking to save space in your office, school or training centre or you just require simple and attractive new PC workstations for your staff or pupils, look no further than a bespoke designed Compu-Desk from the joinery experts here at Folio.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free survey, demonstration and quotation.

3 Year Guarantee

With a long history in custom joinery of all kinds, we pride ourselves not just on our innovations, but also on a build quality that is very much at the highest end of the market.

From design to build and installation, we take care of everything for you and all of our office furniture and Compu-Desks come with a 3 year guarantee.

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