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Local Councils / Training Rooms

It is not just schools, colleges, offices and government departments that take advantage of our innovative, cost effective and beautifully finished computer desks.

Local councils across the UK regularly rely on us to provide them with their own unique Compu-Desks.

Able to change between ordinary writing desks and complete PC workstations within seconds, they are perfect for meeting rooms and general offices. Our clients have also noticed improved productivity and input when using Compu-Desks for council meetings and functions.

Call us today on 01865 820322 go through your own bespoke PC desk requirements and one of our experts will be on hand to provide you with the information you need.

Utilise the additional space for other uses

With no need for computer rooms, local councils can also utilise the additional space for other uses, thus saving them time, money and hassle.

In fact, we recently finished designing, building and installing Compu-Desks for Croydon Council. They required us to custom make our innovative computer desks for two rooms in their council building, which we did to our usual high standards.

While providing the obvious space saving and productivity advantages, our Compu-Desks also enable local councils to improve the security of their offices. By securely locking monitors, keyboards and tower units inside the desks, you can ensure the potential for theft is dramatically reduced.

As would-be thieves will not visibly see any systems, the risk of break-ins will also be minimised.

Custom Made Desks

If you require innovative, beautifully finished and competitively priced computer desks installed in your council building, look no further than the joinery specialists here at Folio Desks.

Whatever your size, shape or style requirements, our expert joiners will design, build and install a bespoke desk that is completely tailored to your specifications