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School Computer Desks

Turn an ordinary classroom desk into a fully equipped and operational PC workstation in seconds

School Computer Desk

Beautifully finished, compact and a great space-saver, our Compu-Desks are ideal for school classrooms and libraries.

Able to turn an ordinary classroom desk into a fully equipped and operational PC workstation in seconds, our Compu-Desks are exactly what every primary and secondary school needs.

In a busy school environment, it is very easy for classroom desks to become cluttered, with several rooms needing to be used as both traditional teaching rooms and fully fledged computer rooms.

Call us today on 01865 820322 go through your own bespoke PC desk requirements and one of our experts will be on hand to provide you with the information you need.

Eliminate the waste of space

Our Compu-Desks eliminate the need for such waste of space. By having a fully operational PC workstation at your fingertips and available within seconds, your teachers and pupils can immediately take advantage of technological and visual aids, without having to change rooms or use one single computer.

The fact that all your school computer systems will be safely and securely locked away inside the Compu-Desks will also improve the level of security in your school. Potential thieves and vandals are less likely to attempt a break in if they cannot see visible PC systems and even if they do, they will find it very difficult to break into your computer and classroom desks, if not impossible.

No matter what your requirements, our classroom computer desks are the answer. Call our expert team today on 01865 820322 to arrange a FREE survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.

Looking to save space?

So if you are looking to save space in your office, school or training centre or you just require simple and attractive new PC workstations for your staff or pupils, look no further than a bespoke designed Compu-Desk from the joinery experts here at Folio.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free survey, demonstration and quotation.