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Custom built School Computer Desks

Turn a normal desk into a full PC workstation and back again within seconds

Hideaway School Computer Desks

Dual Purpose Classrooms

Do you ever find that your desks are constantly cluttered and make it impossible to do anything apart from use the computer? If so, our bespoke built Compu-Desk could be the answer.

Created with functionality and practicality in mind, our custom built Compu-Desks can turn from a normal desk into a full PC workstation and back again within seconds, providing you with additional space, a beautiful desk and a secure PC storage facility.

An ideal solution for any environment needing to provide space to work and access to a PC, our Compu-Desks can be used in schools, universities, libraries and training centres across the UK.

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Call us today on 01865 820322 go through your own bespoke PC desk requirements and one of our experts will be on hand to provide you with the information you need.

School desk - hideaway computer

A fully operational PC workstation in a matter of seconds

Our innovative PC desks are incredibly simple to use, too. You simply pull the desktop towards you, push the silver pad, and watch as the self-filling air canister smoothly and silently raises your PC monitor from inside the desk. Lift out the keyboard, slot the panel back and your writing desk has transformed into a fully operational PC workstation in a matter of seconds.

This elegant hideaway computer desk works with any flat panel monitor, still allowing you to tilt the screen, and includes another compartment to keep messy wires stored away. We can also configure desks to include drawers, a dual screen set up, two seats to a single screen and even a rise and fall model to accommodate wheelchairs or allow use while standing.

Every workstation becomes dual purpose

Our innovative Compu-Desk system is about more than tidy surfaces though; the whole PC system can be locked inside the desk for added security, every workstation becomes dual purpose and the integrated PC saves lots of space, clutter and dangerous trailing wires. Plus, it ensures that more people can be fitted into rooms more safely.

Working throughout the whole of the UK, we can custom design a new Compu-Desk to suit your requirements perfectly. Our expert joiners will visit your site and then design and build a new desk that matches your room’s current décor. Within just a couple of weeks, we will deliver and install your made to measure furniture for you.

Dual purpose school computer desk

We offer Competitive Prices

Whatever your PC or i-Mac environment, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn into a regular training room and then back again at the touch of a button?
We can make it happen for a very competitive price.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free survey, demonstration and quotation.